Dave Reddoch

What kind of bus do you have?
We have a 1973 VW Campmobile. It is a daily driver. I found the old bus sitting in the yard of an old hippy. I knocked at the front door of his trailer house to see if it was for sale. When he
opened the door, I could see that he was covered with tattoos, had long hair in a pony tail and ear rings in both ears. He really looked the part. He said he would like to sell the bus, and would need to get $3,000. Before I could counter with $2,500, he said, "Okay, I'll take $2,000. I wrote him a check and drove away in the old bay-window.
When did you become interested in VW buses?
I have owned many VW beetles over the years, but only one bus before this one. That was back in 1974. It was a 1970 model bus.                     I remembered how much I really enjoyed the the "feel" of driving a VW bus and hoped to one day get another one. 
Tell us about a trip that you took in your bus.
Recently, we took our old camper bus to the State Park on top of Mount Petit Jean. The road to the camp grounds is winding and very steep. My wife had her doubts about the climb, but the bus made it to the top without any trouble.
We cooked our meals on an open fire, and slept in the bus. We had lots of other campers come over to visit at our campsite, because they wanted to talk about the bus. We had a great time. We are planning a trip soon to Hot Springs National Park. We will be traveling in and sleeping in the bus.
What changes have you made in the bus since you bought it?
The interior of the bus is outfitted by Westfalia and is complete....table, sink, icebox, sofa/bed, etc. It even has the mesh-screen for the rear so you can leave the rear door open at night. It has the child's cot that goes over the cab area. It has the original jack and tire tools. All I had to do was reupholster the seat cushions. My wife made new curtains and the VW throw pillows. The bus had a faded blue exterior and needed a little body work. I fixed all the dents, and painted it a bright 1974 "beetle yellow" with a white top. I know that the bus did not come in that color in '74. I just really liked that color. It attracts a lot of attention every where we go. I installed new brakes, then tuned it up and it runs great. Of course, I added a couple of "LMB" stickers to the side windows and a sticker on the back that reads "From 0 to 60 in only 6 minutes".
What is one of your favorite things about owning a bus?
It is just a joy to drive, and just a blast from the past. It is such a unique ride. There is nothing like the "feel" of driving a VW bus.
What advice do you have for a new bus owner?
Hang on to your bus. There are not many of these old buses on the road anymore. They are going up in value each year. I consider my bus to be a good investment. I have about $6,000 invested in it, but I would not sell it for twice that amount.
Owner Profile : Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a 70 year old retired Southern Baptist Pastor. My wife and I have 5 grown kids and 12 grandchildren. We really enjoy our retirement. We own a 1979 VW beetle convertible that we bought from the original owner. It only has 44,000 miles on it and still looks like new. We also have a 1974 VW Thing. It is completely restored, and people love it and ask about it when we take it out for a drive. We drive all three VW each week. We bought them to use and enjoy. They are not museum cars.