• If I got a rusty VW with flat tires and no motor for x-mas I would have tears of joy while other people would just have tears.
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What kind of buses do you have?

I have a '71 deluxe named Navin, and my girlfriend has a '69 Westy named Geri Lou.  Navin is everything a bus should be.  Greasy, smelly, loud, with a clutch that slips and a homemade interior.  Geri Lou is everthing a bus aspires to be.  Comfortable, "powerful," reliable, fun to drive, and full of everything we need to survive the apocalypse.



Tell us about a trip you took in a bus that stands out in your mind?

Big Sur, summer of '06  Had the clutch in Geri die halfway and had to replace it in a 90 degree parking lot with a copper pipe for a torque wrench.  Then we tested it by driving 10 miles up a dirt track.  Made camp, broke my tooth, got attacked by flies and sweated all night.  Went home miserable, like any good camping trip should end Clutch still going strong, by the way.

How long have you had a love for buses?

Always, used to check the paper for used buses when I was 14, but really got into it about two years ago, while driving aimlessly with my girl and talking about future road trips.  Then fate smacked us, well her, actually.  She was rearended and we used the ensuing payout to pick up Geri Lou.

What modification have you done that you are happiest with?

Put a wall between the cab and "living area" of Navin, with a woodstove for heat and a full Pioneer DJ system for tunes.

What advice would you give a "new" Vw bus owner?

Don't give up.  Buses are people too, and like any relationship it will take lots of love and patience.  And don't get a bus unless you or someone you know can work on it.  Good VW shops are like lotto winnings.  Out there, but the odds are against you.

A little bit more about Eep.

I'm a 24y/o native San Franciscan.  I've got a decidedly leftist twinge and I'm not afraid to speak my mind, comes with the territory.  I'm a self taught trance DJ and an unskilled guitarist.   I like good green, good beer, and good people.  And I Love My Buses!

A Note from Recycle: Dj:Eep also plays an active role as a moderator here on LoveMyBus.com's forum. He spends a great deal of time answering mechanical questions in the Repair forum. All of the LoveMyBus members appreaciate his time, and effort! Thanks Eep! Stop on by and see if he can help you with your vw mechanical troubles.

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