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What kind of bus do you have?
Cita and I own a 1972 deluxe Contempo camper hightop named Willoughby.

When did you become interested in VW Buses?
Cita and I used to own a Rabbit and we took it to a vw show...

(Bug blitz/Bus blast). We froze in tent while listing to the bus guys sitting around their buses talking into the wee hours of the morning. The difference in cultures was amazing. The bus guys were just so laid back and fun to be around. Others made fun of them for having rattle can paint jobs but in the end "chrome don't get ya home". I was hooked from then on.

Tell us about a trip you took in a bus that stands out in your mind?
    We have only had Willoughby for a year now, but have made several long distant trips, some of which have been successful and one that wasn't.
    We left Madison, Wisconsin last November, the day before Thanksgiving, headed for Missouri. My mom wanted an 8' long couch that we were getting rid of, so it was loaded in as well as my two dogs. I had spent the whole week getting the bus ready, oil change, valve adjustment, setting timing, etc.. Willoughby was running great, albeit very cold. Once we left, we hit a heavy snow storm but Willoughby was eating up the miles at 70mph (in reality it was more like 62mph, his speedo is a bit optimistic). When all of a sudden the driver's side windshield wiper started cleaning the paint on the bus. Unfortunately, the wiper arm stripped out. I attempted to take it off and switch the passenger's side wiper over, but both of the wiper shafts snapped off leaving us blind on the side of the highway.
    We crept along the shoulder about 1/8 mile to the next exit and eventually made it into a small town. We stopped in a Wal-Mart parking lot, until my brother could come down and pick us up. We went back the next day and drove him back home.
    Finally finished the trip in March without a hitch.

What modification have you done that you are happiest with?

    Well, right now I am loving having a real back seat. (Thanks Busaholic) I also, really like how my buffing job turned out. The bus was heavily oxidized and the paint was swirled. Now it looks as good as a 36 year old paint job can.

What advice would you give a "new" Vw bus owner?

    These buses are an amazing piece of history. Take care of them, think twice before you do heavy modifications. This is not to say that you shouldn't make it your own, but just don't get in over your head and not finish the project. Do little things at a time. And most importantly, DRIVE it.

About me.

    28 years old and have lived all over the Midwest and Northeast with my wife (Cita) and our two dogs and two cats. I am currently an anthropology student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I hope to graduate next December if all goes well. Cita and I are also expecting our first child, Hazel Elora, in July. We hope to move out to Portland or Seattle some time in '09. I think Willoughby would be happy to do away with the -20F.