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What kind of buses do you have?

I have a 1968 Euro style poptop westfalia daycamper. I am secretly always shopping for a single cab or double cab to use as a hauler, I Also have always had my minds eye on a beetle. 


Tell us about a trip you took in a bus that stands out in your mind?

Well one of our first trips we took when we bought our first bus we went to the Buses by the Bridge event in Lake Havasu, Arizona. The bus I had at the time was a 1969 bay window, it was a westy although it had been stripped to the bone. I made a makeshift bed in the back out of plywood, tuned the engine to the best of my ability and took off from Phoenix. We made it but the engine was on its last leg. We set up camp and the next day when we went to start it our neighbor bussers heard the starter not engaging with the flywheel and came over to help. Well low in behold, Bob & Bill, basically helped me fix my bus over the whole weekend. We fixed the starter, adjusted the valves, torqued the heads down, adjusted the points, basically everything that needed to be done got done and they saved us from walking home. It was this camaraderie that made me really fall in love with the Volkswagen bus community. To me it was a great experience and one I will never forget. They literally, worked on my bus for 2 days- The local news stopped by and interviewed all of us. Since im sure we made a good shot- all greasy, 3 heads in the back of a VW Bus, parts everywhere.. All in all, it was a trip I will never forget, and thanks Bob & Bill (From C.A.) for all of your help and Knowledge!

How long have you had a love for buses?

About 5-6 Years now- It started when I rode in a bus to the coachella festival and realized what a versatile vehicle the bus is. Stylish, cool, great for camping, you can sleep in it, its aircooled, easy to work on, etc, etc, etc....

What modification have you done that you are happiest with?

Well recently I put on the SVDA (Single vacuum duel advance) distributor made exclusively by Aircooled.net - With the Compufire ignition. I am not affiliated with aircooled.net and do not receive any endorsements from them. But I will say the distributor has made a world of difference in my 1641 duel port. I honestly have noticed a complete change as when im driving and round a corner and power up in 2nd gear- no more hesitation, or sputtering. For the record, I had tried both the Old style vacuum advance and a 009- Neither compare to the SVDA. I highly recommend it.

What advice would you give a "new" Vw bus owner?

Find a local club, get advice online thru technical forums and ask questions. Even if you know a bit about vw buses, or engines in general there are always things to learn in the forum. You can get advice from people that work on these vehicles everyday and have for years and years. The forum is a imperative tool and it also can be a really great place to just chat up some vw bus talk.