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What kind of bus do you have?
I have a 1967 deluxe that we brought back from the dead. After a ton of body work and a rebuilt engine, he runs great. I'm still...

What kind of bus do you have?
I have a 1967 deluxe that we brought back from the dead. After a ton of body work and a rebuilt engine, he runs great. I'm still not finished on some of the interior things but hope to get at it as soon as spring is officially here.





Tell us about a trip you took in a bus that stands out in your mind?
    Since I only was able to start driving my bus last summer, I still haven't taken too extensive of a trip in him. We drove to Muskegon (about a 60 mile drive) early last November with no heat. It was about at the freezing point. The drive usually takes an hour, but in a bus takes a good 50% longer. Add the cold, and... it felt like three hours. Brrr! It's scary to actually be going too slow on the freeway instead of too fast! It was at night so thankfully there wasn't too much traffic to pass us. Anyone know where one can get one of those stickers that says "Never get stuck behind a VW bus"? I really need one. :D

What modification have you done that you are happiest with?

Since the interior was completely gutted, I had the freedom to install whatever I wanted. I'm building my own version of a camper with a sideways-facing rear seat and a seatbelted beanbag. There's going to be a foldout bed supported by table legs when I get the time to make it - sort of an extension of the engine hump like a regular Z-Bed. There are cupboards and overhead cabinets, even a closet that has a folding trick ledge to become two cupboards. Under the backseat is the electronic bay. The deep cycles reside there as will whatever else I eventually get, like that 1000 Watt inverter I've always wanted. When I made the cabinetry I cut holes for AC outlets when I need them. :) Other than that, I suppose my additional instrumentation counts as a good mod in my book. It's saved the engine due to it's temperature issues. In my opinion, a cylinder head temp gauge is the best monitor you can have of how your engine is doing which, as I've found out, isn't always good.


What advice would you give a "new" Vw bus owner?

Please, please, please take the time to learn about your new bus. They really are easy to fix and operate if you only take the time to learn about this unique vehicle you have. Take care of it and it will take care of you, they say.

About me.

My name is Mike and I'm a 21 year old in between colleges. I work at a secondhand store which fits my interests in old things quite nicely. People often see the bus outside and come in to ask about it. It's nice to hear everyone's stories... everyone has a VW story it seems! I paint in my spare time and am going to college for it. I want to be an author/illustrator of storybooks whenever I grow up. Um, I have a turtle named Sandy (whom I found when I was 4) and am an amateur radio operator. I collect all sorts of records and have an old Edison phonograph for the 78s. Hmm... what else? Oh yeah, Harry Potter glasses!



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