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Welcome to the New LoveMyBus!

 Hello and welcome to LoveMyBus.com. Home to all VW Lovers... You can find Classifieds, photos, pics, links, forums, and technical information for the Volkswagen bus or kombi.We are glad you could make it, now lets get to why you are here? Vw Bus Shirts & Stickers?
Do you want to talk to other VW bus Owners? Want to see some Volkswagen Bus pictures? Perhaps a Kombi Sticker or kombi Screensaver would be of interest? Do you want to learn more about Type 2 's?How about some Cool Volkswagon Bus Videos? Are you looking for information on the New VW Bus?How about links to Top VW Bus websites?We also have recommended VW Bus books. Well if still we havent covered why you are here, feel free to browse around, perhaps some of the links around this page will help you! You can allways stop by the forum and ask a question- There are plenty of members willing to help with a smiling face- or well... Emoticon yahoo That is one of the best parts of the LoveMyBus community, the members. LoveMyBus is made by a vw bus owner for vw bus owners, it is happily run by the community. One must wonder when a new member registers for LMB why they say wow what a great community this is. LMB simply is the VW community extended to your monitor.