• Owning a bus is not just owning another vehicle it is a definite lifestyle, with a great (and large) family behind you. Peace
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What kind of bus do you have?

It's called the Magic Bus- it's a 1971 Deluxe. When I first got it, it was totally stock. Well , no sir , I couldn't have that .I am the 3rd owner and our friend Margaret that I bought it from , had it for over 31 years

There was 3000 miles on a rebuilt engine .I wheeled and dealt until I drove it away for a paltry $1300 USD. That was in early March of '06. Since that time I have put in another $1300 USD, more or less.

Tell us about a trip you took in a bus that stands out in your mind?

In 1974 I had a 1966 Deluxe. It was a great splitty . I blew the engine the first time I took it over the hill to Thousand Oaks. Bought a new engine and had a garage in Ventura install it .That's where I was living at the time .I went anywhere and every where in that bus. My best adventure in my splitty was moving from Channel Islands to Glamorous Grover City in 1975 .Moved all our house plants in the bus . My lady (at the time) and I .

How long have you had a love for buses?

I have always loved VeeDub busses . I love VeeDub busses and what I love the most are the potentials for really personalizing them.

What modification have you done that you are happiest with?
As far as mods go , my favorite , has been turning the main area into a living area . My spousette calls it my club house. I spend lots of time in The Magic Bus.My immediate future plans are to have my front seats repadded and upholstered in patch work quilt pattern in the primary tye dye colors. And painting the exterior below the white in tye dye colors as well .This is my retirement vehicle and barring any unforeseen events , my last ride as well . One of the first mods I did was to replace the points with a Pertronix Electronic Ignition as well as the Pertronix 50,000 Volt Coil. I put in all new zert fittings in the front end. Replaced the shocks all the way around and eliminated the stock oil cooler bath and replaced it with a top mounted air filter. I did that after I rebuilt a 34Pict3 carb for it.The front end has had both the bearings (inner & outer) replaced along with new seals. The rear end has had the seals and the outer bearings replaced. I haven’t gotten to the inner bearings yet; I do have them though.

What advice would you give a "new" Vw bus owner?
If you're new in the bus scene, I say when you find one that moves your spirit, don't hesitate, get it. Easy to work on, parts are readily accessible and economical. And you will find a new sub culture revolving around your bus and meet the most interesting characters. Unless it is totally rust encrusted don't worry about a little rust. Minor dents again are not much of a hassle. As I said, let the spirit move you.

A little bit more about the Wiz'

I was an original freak working at nights in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco when it was just another neighborhood without notoriety .I moved to the city in 1964 and consider it the place I grew up in. These days you can usually find me sitting at my desk and creating digital art (click). That's what I do for my mental health. Or else you may find me on the road somewhere tooling along in my Magic Bus. If you see me give me a wave and I'll toot my ahoooga horn and flash you the peace sign.

Peace, Love, Respect, & Om , Wizzard

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