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What kind of bus do you have?  I bought a 1968 Type II Baywindow Transporter.  I was used as an 8-passenger handyman vehicle, driven on a daily basis.


When did you become interested in VW Buses?

When I went looking for a project to do, I remembered my college days, when I had a 1971 bus.  That one had a 2x10" piece of wood bolted on as the rear bumper.  One day I pulled in for gas, and the guy came running out screaming at me.  When I looked at the bus, I saw that the wood had cought fire from the heat of the exhaust.  All I had with me was a 3-foot axe, so I began chopping the thing off before I blew the gas station to the moon.

Tell us about a trip you took in your bus that stands out in your mind? 

Haven't tripped (er, toured) with her yet, but my first will be 250 miles down to Ft. Lauderdale to show my friends. After that, who knows?

What modification have you done that you are happiest with?

Obviously, the paint draws continuous smiles, thumbs up and peace signs from everyone.  The inside carpeting and bench/bed is pretty cool too.

What is one of your favorite things about owning a VW bus?

Driving it teaches and reminds me how great it is to go slow and enjoy the scenery.  I get into the mode of "who cares."

What advice would you give a "new" VW bus owner?

Slow down (not much choice), and really enjoy all the people who come up to you.

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Having spent my working years as a writer and photographer, I'm looking forward to getting out and putting together several pieces for submission.  The road is calling once again...